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We develop, manufacture, and sell test and measurements instrumentations in various fields. With years experience in vacuum technology, our scientists and engineers have developed innovative test and measurement instruments for various industrial applications. Our current products line include VM-100 for measuring volume of nonuniform objects and surface permissible air voids; FASDD-1 for measuring water absorption of fine aggregates at saturated surface dry state; SC-10 as a portable field device for measuring moisture content of soil and composite pavement.




Bulk volume and air-voids measurement

VM-100 creatively measures the volume of a nonuniform object using atmosphere air (patent protection). No high pressure inert gas needed, no need to immerse objects in water, no need time-consuming 3D laser scanning. Simply placing an object in the measurement chamber, process started to reduce chamber pressure, then air from atmosphere is released into the chamber. The gas volume in the measurement chamber is used to determine the volume of measurement object. Measuring an object inside a plastic bag then measuring again with no bag, surface permissible air voids can be determined. The operation is simple, convenient and fast measuring speed. The shape of an object is not limited. Measurement is temperature compensated. Instrument can be operated in laboratory or on site with minimum environmental restrictions. Accurate determination of the volume and air-voids of objects such as pharmaceutical powders, industrial materials, asphalt cores, etc. can be achieved.



Fine Aggregates SSD (Black Fine aggregate Surface Dry Device)

The current method for measuring the water absorption of fine aggregates (ASTMC-128 and AASHT0 T-84) uses cone slump test. The test relies heavily on the individual practice of an operator, which can be less repeatable, time consuming and laborious. In addition, the current method when applied to aggregates with angled and rough surfaces can have poor accuracy. FASDD-1, for fine aggregates SSD measurement, uses a patented technology and a unique data processing method to sense the SSD state of aggregates. After aggregates has reached a surface saturated dry state, water absorption of fine aggregates can be measured.



Intelligent drying equipment

Many food, pharmaceutical, and industrial raw materials require drying to a specific moisture content at temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius, rather than being completely dry. How to effectively control the drying process to achieve a desired moisture content of a drying product is a problem to be solved. Obviously, if the control process is inaccurate, and the moisture content of the drying product exceeds or does not reach the required water content, the quality of the product can suffer. Vacuum drying utilizes the characteristic that the boiling point of the liquid (water or chemical, biological solvent) is lowered under low pressure, and the object to be dried can be quickly dried at room temperature or low temperature. It does not destroy the physical, biological and chemical properties of the material to be dried, and is suitable for many fields of application.  However, the current vacuum drying device cannot automatically control a drying process to achieve a desired target moisture content. This is mainly due to the difficulty of real-time and rapid measurement of the moisture content of the drying object while the drying is in process. ID-1, the intelligent drying equipment, at the same time as vacuum drying in the process, it measures in real time the pressure, temperature, volume, and other various parameters of the drying system. Through the system parameter values ​​and embedded software, the moisture content of the drying material is quickly determined in real time, thereby controlling the drying object to accurately achieve target moisture content. The monitoring process is automated without manual intervention. And meet the speed and continuity requirements of drying process.

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